Pug giftbox

Who knew pugs would be so popular!


Having a 9 year-old daughter is a huge advantage in choosing new products and gifts for Miss Dreambox. I’m forever thrusting my lap top at Holly and her friends, asking for their advice on various different products and boy, do they love to be involved.

It has also helped us really think about what we want to be as a business. Within her big group of friends, what has struck me most is how different they all are. Some already love make-up, follow various tutorials on YouTube and quite frankly can already put on make-up far better than me.  Others are huge book worms and stationery lovers and love the old classics such as my old time favourites, Anne of Green Gables & Mallory Towers. Some are super sporty, others are in to all things retro, some love pink, others love black – and the comparisons go on!

And this is exactly why we decided to move away from being a subscription box business and build a gift business which celebrates all types of girl. We want girls to celebrate who they are, follow their own hearts and be true to what they love, rather than follow the crowd. As a business we’re by no means there yet, but watch this space as we have so much more to come…..

Despite all of this, what struck us recently was that among all of these differences, one common word we kept hearing is Pug! And not just from the 7, 8, 9 year olds but teens as well. And quite frankly, Betty and I are quite drawn to a product with a pug on it as well.

So, we thought we’d trial a pug box and who knew it would be so popular! We’re trying to restock as we’ve nearly sold out, but in the meantime, check out what’s inside.


The Pug Water Bottle

This is not just any water bottle, but a headphone wearing pug water bottle, with the caption ‘Stay Cool’ alongside. We just loved this the second we clapped eyes on it.

Pugs & Kisses Bath Bombs

A set of 3 bath bombs with the most gorgeous scents of peach, passion fruit and pear drop. Made us reminisce about the many quarters of pear drops consumed in our own teen years.

      Pug Design Peach Scented Sachet  

      A peach scented sachet perfect for making your bedroom smell sweet and fruity (with a pug on of course!)

     Pugs & Kisses Matchbook

A gorgeous set of 6 nail files all packed up in a matchbook and branded with fabulous pug paw prints!

Pugs & Kisses Vanilla Lip Balm

And last but not least a little pug lip balm. Once finished this could definitely double up as a cute little tin for earrings or other small trinkets.



We hope you love this box as much as we do!

Lots of Love,

Sarah & Betty x

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